15 Feb

The dangers of renting through social media

The dangers of renting through social media

Social media has its uses, some good, some bad. However, when it comes to something as highly legislated and serious as finding your next tenant or landlord, then it really needs handing over to a professional. There are a number of reasons landlords would rent via social media such as to escape having to pay agent fees, a previous negative experience with an agent or they want to sneak under the radar and try to let privately to get an income without declaring or repairing. The same goes for a tenant – it may be due to poor credit or bad previous landlord references, or wanting something they can’t necessarily afford but think they can. Tenants also may have had bad experiences with agents or just don’t want to pay fees.

It is important to use an expert who follows best practice, meets all requirements of the profession and works to industry standards. Propertymark Protected letting agents, such as ourselves, are experienced and trained professionals who work to a code of practice in order to help landlords manage their homes.

Not only will an agent advertise your property for you, deal directly with the tenant on your behalf and complete all relevant paperwork, but an ARLA Propertymark protected agent will also have Professional Indemnity insurance, and you and your money will be covered by our Client Money Protection, giving you peace of mind throughout the letting process.

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