Sue Bridges Lettings listed on the Best Estate Agent guide

Estate Agent Review Criteria

Together with Rightmove, the best agent guide identified the criteria that defined exceptional service and conducted an in-depth analysis of performance data and they conducted the biggest mystery shopping review process ever undertaken of the property industry.

The areas looked at were:

  • How well properties are marketed on Rightmove and perform on Rightmove. [As measured by Rightmove].
  • Actual delivery of the sale or let. Time taken for the listing to go to SSTC and does it actually complete. [As measured by Rightmove].
  • How good is the customer experience on contacting the agent via email and telephone? [As measured by Property Academy mystery shop]
  • Market share

Performance over a 6-month period was looked at, involving analysis of:

  • Over 25,000 branches
  • 1 million properties listed at any point in time
  • 1.5 million transactions
  • 25 million leads
  • 1.5 billion property views

Sue Bridges Lettings has been awarded Highly Rated by the Best Estate Agent Guide

This means that we are among the best estate agency branches in the country. Only branches that achieved a sufficiently high score to meet standards are featured in the Best Estate Agent Guide. Out of over 25,000 estate agents across the UK only 20% of branches have been featured.

If we can help you when it comes to your property don’t hesitate to get in touch.